The multifunctionality of sliding panels

The multifunctionality of sliding panels

The multifunctionality of sliding panels

Sliding panels: what types can we install in our homes?

Are you looking for an original way to close your walk-in wardrobe other than the classic hinged door? Or would you like to divide two communicating rooms, but without losing the effect of continuity? Or you may have larger closets or pantries than usual, and you are looking for the best way to keep them safe from curious eyes. There is a solution and it is sliding panels!

Sliding panels can be placed inside a house and can be used in different rooms and with different functions: you may need to install sliding partition panels for communicating rooms, such as the entrance and living room or the kitchen and dining room or sliding panels to close off your walk-in wardrobe with an elegant touch, perhaps using materials that you would never have considered before. 

Today we will discover together the usefulness of these sliding panels and how you can use them in your home, taking full advantage of their versatility.

Sliding partition panels for communicating rooms

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Whether you have very large connecting rooms, like in the case of lofts, or smaller spaces such as studios or two-room apartments, some elements are well suited to both situations, and sliding panels are an example of this.

Sometimes, those who have open spaces need to divide two rooms, such as an open kitchen from a dining room or living room, or an entrance hall from a living room. In this case, instead of inserting a common wall or plasterboard, the best choice would be to install sliding panels in a variety of materials and colours, depending on requirements.

If you have an open kitchen that opens directly onto the living room and you want to be able to isolate it in the presence of guests or while you are cooking – but at the same time you do not want to give up the effect of continuity between the two spaces – then large sliding partition panels are just what you need. You could choose to make them of wood, lacquered material or glass to let in enough light to keep the spaces bright.

The same concept also applies to small spaces, such as in the case of large studio apartments, where you want to achieve a minimum division between areas: in this specific case, perhaps separating the kitchen from the bedroom or living room, you only need to choose very thin sliding panels, which will not clutter up the already small space available.

Sliding panels for wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes?

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Now we are moving into a bedroom, where sliding panels could be the best ally for those looking for a wardrobe with a more refined and personal style. For example, if you have obtained a wardrobe by creating a niche in the wall, installing this type of panel could be right for you. You would reduce the space that would be occupied by a hinged door and at the same time obtain a much more elegant and interesting one, perhaps by installing mirrored panels.

If the wall in which you have created the niche is large enough to accommodate a counter-frame inside, then a product such as Eurocassonetto Oro could be the ideal choice.

For those who are lucky enough to have a beautiful walk-in wardrobe but need to enclose it without giving up this effect, elegant and refined glass and aluminium panels would be a perfect choice, especially in a modern home with up-to-date and meticulously designed furniture.

Small spaces or closets to be closed off? Sliding panels could be right for you in this case too, especially since you would achieve a considerable optimisation of space, which, in these cases, is just what you need, perhaps to hide the junk you can never find room for, right?

It is always important to rely on professionals in the sector, like us at Eurocassonetto, who with professionalism and dedication follows our customer step by step.