Everything you need to know about modern minimal furniture

modern minimal furniture

Modern minimal furniture: when design and functionality meet

Have you ever gone through one of those moments when you felt overwhelmed by the confusion in your home, juggling through objects scattered here and there among the sofas, the wardrobes, the floor and at a certain point you are so exhausted that you want only scream “Enough, I will throw everything away!”? In this case, you may be interested in approaching modern minimal furniture for your home. 

In fact, minimal design is not usually limited to furnishings, but it is now a real lifestyle, tied to the art of “decluttering” (getting rid of the superfluous), and to simplicity and order, without ever forgetting practicality. 

Minimalism and minimal furniture were born between the 60s and 70s, from the minimalist artistic and literary movement, promoting the essentiality of the elements. The keywords of minimalism are geometry, linearity, comfort, functionality and, of course, getting rid of everything unnecessary. All this fits perfectly into the famous quote “Less is more” by the German architect and designer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

Arredo minimal moderno


Tips & tricks: which are the differences between using a modern minimal furniture in large and/or small spaces?

The modern minimal furniture style is very versatile, because it fits perfectly both if you have large areas or if you have small areas.

If you have large areas, there will be a tendency to prefer an open space but concentrating all the furniture in the center of the room, thus allowing natural and artificial light to make the space even wider, but above all cleaner and more essential. However, in case of small areas, large pieces of furniture such as sofas, bedside tables and beds will be positioned adjacent to the walls, doing this way so you will have the perception of having much more space available.

The differences between large or small spaces are few, but what they certainly share is the light and neutral colors of the walls – preferring mainly shades of white – and the role played by light which is always very important, and it must never be missing.

As you may have guessed, order and essentiality are fundamental characteristics of minimalism, which often perfectly blends with the personality of those who choose this design not only as a decor style of their houses but also as a real lifestyle.

To preserve order and cleanliness in a small space, for example, it is important to prefer storage units such as drawers with simple geometric lines or poufs to be placed next to the sofa.

The doors play a fundamental role in the modern minimal decor, whether you have large areas available or not, the linearity and functionality of sliding doors or flush-to-wall doors will surely help you. If you still want or need to divide rooms, then elements such as Eurocassonetto Frameless, Frameless top and Magnifiko are the best options. If you have large areas available and you are looking for a design product, then the perfect choice will be Eurocassonetto Filo.

Color palette and material of modern minimal furniture


Arredo minimal moderno


What are the perfect materials for a modern minimal furniture? And what is the color palette that best suits this style? The answer is quite simple. Firstly, you need to choose quality elements that last over time and natural materials such as wood, glass, then marble and concrete, while as fabrics you should focus on linen or cotton

As a color palette, white is certainly the main color, but in the end, you can focus on neutral and warm tones too, such as beige, taupe, vanilla or pearl gray and mix them with dark and decisive shades, such as mahogany, gray, and timeless black. However, the most important thing is to not mix too many elements together and always try to aim for a harmonious appearance.

Although the predominance of lighter colors – especially white – can give the idea of an aseptic and impersonal environment, in reality it is not like that because the finishing and/or decorations will play a fundamental role. In fact, you can choose some steel or gold elements to add a touch of additional brightness to the environment. Don’t forget the motto “Less is more!” and always use decorations sparingly. 

Modern chic minimal furniture, what changes?

Over time, even minimalist decor has undergone changes or variations, adapting to the trends that gradually made their way into the world of interior design. Now the minimal style can be interpreted with some touches of country or industrial style too.

In recent years, for instance, modern chic minimal furniture has made its way into the world of interior design, but what really changes compared to the traditional one? 

In the color palette, for instance, you will find nuances a little different from the usual black, pearl gray or white, which are replaced by pastel shades (like rose gold) or vibrant shades (like ocher yellow or petrol green) but remember to use them always in moderate doses to never stray from the essence of minimal style. 

Even for materials you will find something special: for example, the coffee tables in marble and metal are very popular.

Modern chic minimal furniture will perfectly adapt to any room of your house, whether you choose a minimal chic bathroom furniture or a minimal chic kitchen.

We at Eurocassonetto will recommend the solution that best suits your style with the usual professionalism and care. Contact us to start the project of your dream home!

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