Wood lacquering and its importance in interior design

wood lacquering

What is meant by wood lacquering

Wood lacquering is a type of wood coating that is applied to the surface of furniture by using lacquer. Lacquer, specifically, is a coloured covering of polyester and/or polyurethane lacquer. 

Furniture lacquering corresponds to a colouring method that covers and camouflages the natural grain of the wood. Moreover, thanks to new technologies and state-of-the-art materials with which they are treated, lacquered furniture is particularly resistant to scratches and has a long lifespan over the years, despite its daily use.

Eclectic and harmonious, the furniture on which wood lacquering is applied is the most modern and can be adapted to very different contexts, always and in any case resulting elegant and harmonious.

How to lacquer wood

laccatura legno

It is possible to lacquer a piece of furniture through three procedures, which differ in quality and consequently also in price.

1. Economical wood lacquering

This is lacquering carried out using the so-called ‘direct method’. What does this mean? The wood does not undergo prior treatment before being lacquered. The lacquer is applied directly onto the surface, which is not brushed. The process is certainly economical, but the result is not optimal, as it is very uneven.

2. Wood lacquering with brushing

In the case of lacquering with brushing, once the process has been completed, the wood is treated with the brushing method, through which more obvious imperfections caused by dust are removed. However, other imperfections in the wood remain. The price is certainly higher than cheap lacquer, but lower than polyester lacquer.

3. Wood lacquering with polyester

The most expensive of all is the polyester lacquer based on polyurethane and polyester paint, which contains hardeners and resin. Therefore, justifying the price is certainly the unparalleled quality of the treatment to which the furniture is subjected: no imperfections in the wood, a perfectly homogenous and smooth surface and excellent resistance to knocks and bumps.

How to give wood a glossy effect

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Furniture lacquering is a particularly up-to-date lacquering system, which has become popular in recent years in its two versions: glossy wood lacquer and matt wood lacquer. But where is the difference? Which version should be chosen according to the room of the house it is meant to be furnished?

Generally speaking, we say that glossy lacquer is to be preferred to matt lacquer when referring to rooms where brightness is the main element. No sleeping area, therefore, but living and dining rooms are perfect for glossy lacquered furniture, which, super elegant and refined, thanks to their glossy surface will reflect both natural and artificial light even more intensely, giving greater brightness to the whole room. The only negative note is that glossy lacquered furniture needs to be dusted often (always dry with well-wrung dust catchers or micro-fibre cloths), as their surfaces tend to show up more dust.

Matt lacquer, on the other hand, is the most versatile of all. Suitable for any room in the house, matt lacquered furniture adds warmth and elegance to each room. Therefore, they are a favourite for fitting out bedrooms. In contrast to high-gloss lacquered furniture, matt lacquered furniture hides dust a little more, which, although less visible, still needs to be removed frequently and carefully (the same instructions for cleaning tools as for high-gloss lacquered furniture apply).

If you are looking for a guide on how to lacquer your current furniture, you may find this article useful. In any case, it is also possible to play with the furniture by alternating the two possibilities within the same room. A super trendy effect is guaranteed!

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