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Sliding doors

Sliding Doors Outside The Wall


When it comes to sliding doors, there are two main types: sliding doors inside the wall or sliding doors outside the wall. The main difference lies in the structure that allows the door to slide: in one case it will slide inside the wall – thanks to the special counter-frame that will make the door disappear inside it – while in the second case the door will slide on a track (visible or not) and slide externally on the wall.

This article will cover all the characteristics of external sliding doors, from the tracks on which the doors slide to the perfect materials for every need and the sizes in which they can be made.


External Sliding Doors: How They Work And Types


Porte scorrevoli esterno muro, la soluzione per tutti


External sliding doors are mainly composed of a few basic elements such as a track on which the door will slide and an unobstructed wall that allows the door to open and close regularly.

Unlike its “sister” retractable door, an external sliding door does not require masonry work. An external sliding door is the most suitable choice when you do not have the space to install a counter-frame inside the wall, but at the same time, you do not want to give up a sliding door that is more practical and less bulky than the classic hinged door.

How does an external sliding door work? It is very simple: it slides on a track, which can be positioned on the wall or on the ceiling, on which the door slides parallel to the wall.

Attention, some precautions must be taken concerning the wall on which the door leaf will slide, as it must be free of any encumbrance, i.e. any piece of furniture or decoration (e.g. pictures or photos), electrical sockets, or any other element that would interfere with the normal sliding of the door, thus preventing it from opening smoothly.

External sliding doors are an architectural element that goes beyond mere utility: in fact, they also become a design element that enriches the furnishing style of your home. Thanks to the materials that can be used, such as glass, aluminum, wood or mixed materials, your door will have a design that can adapt to all styles.

For an elegant and sophisticated visual effect, for example, external sliding glass doors with metal tracks will be a perfect choice, while if you are looking for a more rustic and distinctive style, then a recovered wood sliding door with iron tracks will be just right for you.


Tracks For External Sliding Doors: Visible Or Concealed?

As mentioned above, the tracks for an external sliding door can be installed on the wall or ceiling, depending on your taste or available width. Occasionally the tracks can also be installed on the floor, but in this case, more complex installation work is required.

The tracks can be visible or concealed: in the first case, all the tools required to slide the door will be visible, while in the second case they can be concealed by the door leaf itself or by a structure that hides the entire mechanism, as is the case with the Eurocassonetto Aluminium. 


External Wall Sliding Doors – Are They All The Same?


Porte scorrevoli esterno muro, la soluzione per tutti


As far as dimensions are concerned, there are no real standard measurements for an external sliding door, but certainly, like all doors, they can never be less than 60 cm wide.

In general, the measurements are variable depending on the width you have available, the materials used and the visual effect you want to give, but if we had to give approximate values, an external sliding door can have a basic size of 80×210.

If you take a look on the Internet, you will find numerous tutorials or suggestions on how to install a sliding external wall door yourself (i.e. DIY). Nevertheless, it is always prudent to contact professionals, so as not to make unpleasant mistakes that would compromise the normal operation of these elements.

We at Eurocassonetto will always recommend the solution that best suits your style with the usual professionalism and care. Contact us to start the project of your dream home!

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