Counter frame measurements for retractable sliding doors, how to adjust?

Counterframe measurements for retractable sliding doors

Are all counter frame measurements for pocket sliding doors the same?

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Whether you are being looked after by a team of experts or struggling with a completely DIY project, it is always important to know the small details or curiosities about any element that will be included in your home, whether it is furniture, kitchens, side tables, walls, or doors. One of the things you need to know, for example, could be the size of the counter-frames for retractable doors and hinged doors, especially if you are working as a self-taught person. 

Frames for pocket sliding doors always have standard measurements that must be respected by the law, but even in this case, there may be small exceptions, whether it be for design or necessity. 

If you don’t know where to start, but you are curious or simply interested in gaining as much knowledge as possible on the subject, then you are in the right place, because we will give you some guidelines for internal door frame measurements and some small insights into the jargon related to the subject. Meter in hand and off we go!


Standard measurements for internal door frames 

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There are standard measurements of counter-frames for pocket sliding doors and hinged door frames, as building regulations require that “any opening connecting two rooms must always allow comfortable passage for people and objects“. Furthermore, the rules for the removal of architectural barriers for those with mobility difficulties must always be respected. 

First of all, let us clarify the jargon used to delineate the measurements of the counter-frames: when we speak of a door opening or passage clearance, we are indicating the actual dimensions in height and width of the space between the door jamb and the floor; on the other hand, if the term maximum clearance is used, we are indicating the sum of the height from the jamb to the floor, the width occupied by the door leaf and the space occupied by the counter-frame of the pocket door. 

The standard measurements for interior doors are, by law, 80 cm in width and 210 cm in height. However, care must be taken, because in width you can never be less than 75 or 60 cm, so that a smooth passage of people or objects is always possible, as we have already mentioned. 


What changes for custom-made doors? 


Of course, doors can also be custom-sized, depending on the environment in which they will be fitted. But what changes and what types of doors can have customised dimensions? 

Whether sliding or hinged doors, in both cases it is possible to have custom-sized doors in both height and width (always no less than 60 cm). For retractable door (pocket sliding doors), for example, when you have a very large space available you can choose a counter-frame that accommodates a double leaf, as in the case of the Leonardo or Donatello proposals by Eurocassonetto, or again, two leaves on each side that overlap as in the Michelangelo proposal by Eurocassonetto. 

In the case of limited space available, for example, it may be inevitable to have doors of specific dimensions, as in the case of storerooms, attics, garrets or for understairs closets, like the one in which the young Harry Potter was forced to live, remember? In that case, a flush-to-wall door such as Eurocassonetto FILO would be a perfect choice, even in the case of large spaces. By design choice, for example, these doors often exceed the standard 210 cm height and reach up to the ceiling

Whether you are looking for counter-frames for interior doors in standard or special sizes, we at Eurocassonetto will be able to help and advise you in any case, always making professionalism and quality our strong features.

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