Sliding door accessories for your home

Sliding door accessories

Sliding door accessories for your home

The finishing touch for perfect design with sliding door accessories

It is a well-known fact that details always make a difference, and the world of construction or interior design is no different. Sliding door accessories are an example of this: from handles to locks, from tracks to door leaf decorations, each element can make your living space unique, providing that final touch that makes your home look perfect.

Today we will take a closer look at the usefulness of sliding door accessories. We will tell you which are they, how they can adapt to your door, but above all to your chosen décor, and how some of these accessories can transport you into the future when allied with technology.


Door accessories: handles, tracks, and much more!

We often do not pay enough attention to them, but door accessories can be a real design element, providing a sense of completeness. In the case of sliding doors, there is more variety to choose from than in the case of ordinary hinged doors, because – in addition to handles or locks – tracks also play a key role aesthetically. 

The handles themselves can be round, square, rectangular, protruding or recessed in the door leaf, positioned vertically or horizontally. Each of these versions will give your door a specific look, which will suit a modern, elegant, minimalist, rustic, industrial or any other style

The locks are often in shape and material the same as the handle to give a sense of continuity, but there is nothing to prevent the customer from choosing the one that suits the style they prefer. 

Accessories for external sliding doors can be tracks, especially those with a visible sliding mechanism. The external wall sliding doors tracks are metal elements that change and adapt according to your chosen design. For a glass door, for example, a chrome silver metal will be preferred, on the other hand, for a rustic or industrial style door, a matt black metal will be more suitable. 

If you want to conceal the tracks and all their elements, then the cover box will also play the role of an accessory, as in the case of Eurocassonetto’s Aluminium.

Taking a step back and returning to glass doors, the more imaginative will find stencils the perfect door accessories to decorate their doors: coloured, patterned or monochrome, there are countless to choose from.


Armoured door accessories will carry us into the future!

Over the years, security door accessories have become more and more modern, perhaps almost futuristic, and more and more in step with technology, a bit like many everyday objects. After all, who would have thought a few years ago that opening a car just by touching the handle with one finger would be possible? 

Even in armoured doors accessories such as handles and locks have undergone a new development: it is now possible to open your front door by biometric recognition, a numerical code or via your smartphone. It almost looks like we are the main characters of some famous science fiction movie, doesn’t it? Instead, it’s all real!

For many years now, the most modern hotels have equipped themselves with a smart lock to open their room doors, making life easier for their guests, but more and more often in private homes (flats, detached villas, apartment block doors), one can find electronic locks.

For those with a vintage soul who want to step back in time, on the other hand, one could decide on a somewhat unusual accessory such as a “picchiotto“, commonly called a door knocker, perhaps made of gold and depicting a lion’s head. It would be quite a step back in time, but it would give a regal look to your front door, immediately giving visitors an idea of the style, they will find inside the home.

In conclusion, whether you have an old-fashioned or avant-garde soul, you are sure to find sliding door accessories that will suit your taste. We at Eurocassonetto will always be at our customers’ side, following them step by step with the professionalism and dedication that distinguishes us. For any information, simply contact us by phone at +39 0922 31885 or by e-mail at