Eco-sustainable window frames and why you should choose them

Eco-sustainable window frames

Eco-sustainable window frames and why you should choose them

Eco-sustainable window frames? Absolutely! Nowadays our choices have a very important impact on the environment in which we live. The growing and unstoppable pollution of the environment is one of the most damaging consequences of industrial development and technological progress not to mention the disastrous damage that the disfigurement of nature has on human life.

For this reason, it is necessary to do everything possible so that our planet can continue to survive and keep us alive: therefore, we must be ‘eco-sustainable’. But what is meant by eco-sustainability? This word, in general, indicates the need to create a condition of economic, social, technological, and technical development capable of satisfying not only the needs of the present generation but also those of the future



Therefore, this development must necessarily take place with total respect for the resources that the environment and nature offer us, respecting the delicate and now fragile balances of planet earth and diminishing as much as possible the negative consequences that any selfish human choice, made solely in its economic interest, may further damage our ecosystem.

Considering the problems our planet is experiencing, more and more people seem interested in making their contributions. Especially the new generations are making environmentally friendly choices also about the construction and furnishing of their own homes, choosing eco-sustainable materials and among these, of course, also include window fixtures


But what is meant by environmentally sustainable window frames? As everyone knows, windows and doors are structures made up of fixed frames connected to masonry for opening and closing doors or windows. They can be made of different materials such as wood, plastic, steel, or other metals and light alloys. The windows and doors that define themselves as eco-sustainable have, of course, the same technical and construction characteristics, but they differ from traditional ones not only in the materials used but also in the production methods and techniques.


Eco green window frames – why choose them



Why prefer eco-friendly windows to traditional ones? As mentioned earlier, our choices have important consequences for our planet, our lives, and the lives of our children and all future generations. We must not think that the planet is eternal: we also must think about future generations, how do we want to leave the earth to them? 

Everything depends on us, on our actions and decisions, even small ones, that we make every day. We also must not forget that we are only temporary ‘guests‘ of the planet that welcomes us and offers us the opportunity to live, develop and grow. For this reason, building a “green house” is an intelligent and ethically correct choice for us and for the nature that surrounds us.


The characteristics of eco-sustainable windows



To be defined as truly ‘green‘, environmentally sustainable windows and doors must comply with a series of exact characteristics in terms of quality, environmental friendliness, and efficiency. What are these characteristics? Let’s look at them, point by point, below.


Choice of materials

The first characteristic of an “eco-frame” concerns the choice of materials to be used, which must be recycled and 100% recyclable so that they can be reused again once they are disposed of to make new objects, thus reducing environmental impact. In this regard, the best materials to use are PVC, wood, and aluminum


Sustainable production

Production must be energy efficient with the aim of minimizing harmful emissions and pollution of the environment. Therefore, companies must be supplied with appropriate equipment and safety protocols that will minimize waste and emissions, especially CO2.



Durability and efficiency

In addition to being environmentally friendly, of course, ecological windows and doors must guarantee perfect performance. They must be durable, i.e., they must have a long-life cycle to make their replacement and consequently their disposal as far away as possible. They must be efficient, i.e., they must respond to the original characteristics for which they were created while guaranteeing energy saving and environmental protection.


Safety and health

Eco-windows must be made in a context of total safety without creating problems for human health, both in the company where they are produced and in their intended use. They must therefore be perfectly usable over time without the danger of them creating complications or health problems for the inhabitants of the home.


The most eco-friendly materials for window frames

As mentioned, the sustainability of window frames starts with the choice of materials, which must be 100 percent recycled and recyclable without sacrificing durability, toughness, and efficiency. But which are the most ecological materials for window frames?




First and foremost, there is wood, the eco-friendly material par excellence. Its main physical properties are hardness, elasticity, stiffness, and resistance to compression, tension, and bending. Among its technological properties, particularly important are its aptitude for sanding and cleaning and its ability to be cut by tools such as saws, planers, etc. Wood does not affect human health, it is completely recyclable and can be used countless times before being disposed of.



Another green material is aluminum. It is not a pure metal as it is extracted from bauxite and has other materials inside it. It is a material whose most appreciated characteristics are its lightness and ductility, i.e., its ability to be molded without breaking. It has a far better strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Aluminum has great tensile strength, which makes it usable in any technological application. A very important feature is also its perfect recyclability and the fact that it represents no risk to human health.


PVC – polyvinyl chloride

Finally, there is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This is a thermoplastic material known for its great versatility thanks to its flexibility and rigidity. PVC windows and doors are guaranteed to be resistant to wear and tear abrasion, and chemicals, waterproof, lightweight, non-flammable, and easy to clean and polish.

In short, the world of sustainable windows and doors is the right choice for those who want to take care of the environment. Start with your home if you want to improve nature and give your children a better future. For any information on retractable doors, counter-frames for doors, wall frames, and doors contact Eurocassonetto without hesitation who will give you all the information you need, answering your every doubt.